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If you would capture men’s minds,
make no small plans…

With this thought in mind, it is the concrete goal of the Altadena Rotary International Committee To Eliminate World Poverty through the creation of jobs and job related skills for the impoverished, the destitute, the homeless, and the underprivileged of the world.

Focus on Africa


Working in conjunction with Rotary Clubs in Africa and partnering with US-based Rotary Clubs willing to Adopt a Nation ….And working with the US Department of State, the World Bank, World Vision, Junior Achievement International and other interested parties, Altadena Rotary is committed to teaching young people entrepreneurial skills and giving them an understanding of a free market economy to enable them to make a living on an on-going basis ( ‘Teach someone to fish and feed them for a lifetime’).

In addition, Altadena Rotary is prepared to work actively to provide ‘Micro Loans’ based upon sound business planning and loan administration to incentivize those with job skills but who have limited or no resources available to go into business.

Toward the end of achieving these goals, our International Service Directorate has launched an independent, stand alone 501C-3 Non-Profit Corporation (Entrepreneurial Media Consortium) expected to start up operations in Zambia this year with the assistance of a State Department grant and in conjunction with Luska Rotary Club in Zambia and with the support of the Simi Valley Rotary Club in California.

Teaching Entrepreneurship at Home and Abroad

At Home - On-going programs in Pasadena, CA begun by Altadena Rotary in 1995 (now serving 8,000 students annually) will continue to be expanded in scope and influence.

In Mexico - A renewed initiative in teaching market skills and involving Club members in Tijuana, Mexico is anticipated in cooperation with Cety’s Universidad …complete with a field trip by Altadena Rotarians willing to partner in our efforts to meet with college age young people in Mexico.

In Israel - An award winning Junior Achievement (JA) program is sponsored in conjunction with Junior Achievement International in Nazareth, Israel that impacts 8 Arab high schools and will continue with judging of business plans and entry of products and marketing and business plans into competition.

In Armenia - Altadena Rotary continued sponsorship of JA training in Armenia, now in its’ 9th year, is impacting some 25,000 young people annually. Program teachers and top students in the program travel to S. California each year to gain first hand knowledge of our free market economy and to visit with Club members and local businesses. Our International Service Directorate in return helps to provide everything from matching funds to curriculum support for this dynamic program run in conjunction with JA of S. California and the Armenian National Dept. of Education.

In Beruit, Lebanon - A new program, similar to the Armenian program and with support of Altadena Rotary is a start up in Beruit since 2004 and is being sponsored with the support of sister Rotary Club in Glendora, CA.

In Africa - In cooperation with the Washington DC Rotary Club and the World Bank (World Links), a Youth IT Microenterprise project in Uganda and Zimbabwe has just been wrapped up. Altadena Rotary participated in funding the project and in preparation of the grant application to The Rotary Foundation to access matching funds.       2007 - 2010 - Altadena Rotary

On and Off Native American Reservations - Because of high unemployment among Native American youth, Altadena Rotary is currently sponsoring classes in Entrepreneurial Education to Native Americans under the able leadership of a native program coordinator. As a result, several students have started their own businesses.

Duplicating our Success

In an effort to proliferate, and the need to export successful job training models to indigenous and domestic Rotary Clubs (to duplicate the successes of Altadena Rotary), the Club annually sponsors the Rotary District 5300 Peace Conference to promote hands-on partnerships between Clubs internationally and most especially in Africa. (2005-2006 focused on Africa.)

In addition, Altadena Rotary sponsors an International Microenterprise and Job Training Booth at Rotary International Annual Conventions, including the 100th Anniversary Convention -- held in Rotary Year 2005-2006 -- in Chicago. To date 20 African Nations (Rotary Clubs) have signed on to promote microenterprise and entrepreneurial education programs in Africa with 50 international non-African sponsoring clubs representing the United States and other nations.

Articles from our Club Newsletter
From time to time, articles about -- and relating to -- International Service projects appear in Sparks our award-winning club newsletter. These articles are written and submitted by members who work on our International Projects and other members who find and write about related subjects. Each one has been transformed into a PDF format. You may find them interesting and informative.

Africa -

Rotary Year 2005 - 2006
  • Cell Phones: A Path to African Economic & Political Independence
  • Africa: A continent moves to Center Stage -- At Last!
  • Africa - On Poverty Awareness, Live-8, G8 and Chicago Rotary Years 2007 - 2010
    Altadena Rotary

    Native Americans -

    Rotary Year 2005 - 2006
  • Disney sponsors Entrepreneural Development of Native Americans

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