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Choosing Yours

Each Rotarian chooses his/her way of serving. For some it is serendipity. For others it is a pointed determination and passion that govern the choice. And, there are those who are drawn first to one avenue and then another.

For many years, Rotary’s commitment to Service Above Self was channeled through four (4) Avenues of Service:
  • Club
  • Community
  • International
  • Vocational
In 2010, Rotary International announced a fifth Avenue of Service:
  • New Generations
These areas of service form the foundation of club activity and are implemented through our committees and subcommittees:
  • Administration
  • Public Awareness
  • Membership
  • Foundation
  • Projects
      New Generations

Club Service ...

Club Service focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the smooth functioning of Altadena Rotary Club. This area of service is defined by three committees:
  • Administration,
  • Public Awareness, and
  • Membership
      Administration - The primary responsibility of this chairmanship is -- with the assistance of the past presidents' committee -- to keep the club organization internally alive and well. The Administration Chair (our President Elect) and his/her committee oversee social events, setup for our weekly meetings, maintain the weekly speaker programs, and may preside over meetings when the president is not in attendance. (more)

      Public Awareness - The primary responsibilities of the Public Awareness Committee fall under the heading of communication between members and between the club and its community at large.
  • Sparks - club newsletter
  • Photography
  • PR
  • Remembrance
  • Webpage -

          Membership - Membership is divided into the following four categories:
  • Membership Development,
  • New Member Mentoring,
  • Classification, and
  • Attendance.


    The remaining four Avenues of Service -- Community, International, Vocational (aka Youth awards) and New Generations -- are all defined by subcommittees under the umbrella of the Projects Committee .

    Community Service ...

    Community Service provides an opportunity for Altadena Rotary to implement club projects and activities that improve life in our local community.

    To many Altadena Rotarians, the area of service that encompasses Community Service is the most important thing we do. This is because work in this area has an immediate, close, and visible impact. (more)

    International Service ...

    International Service fall encompasses efforts to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the world and to promote world understanding and peace. It is the concrete goal of the Altadena Rotary International Committee To Eliminate World Poverty through the creation of jobs and job related skills for the impoverished, the destitute, the homeless, and the underprivileged of the world. (more)

    Vocational Service ...

    Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their professions and to practice high ethical standards. As business leaders, Rotarians share skills and expertise through their vocations and inspire others in the process.

    Although the principles governing the role of Rotarians in the workplace (Vocational Service) evolved early in the organization's history, it wasn't until considerably later that we were given the tools to achieve these goals. The first of these is The Four-Way Test -- which was developed by US Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor (RI President 1954-55) to help guide the decisions of a floundering company he had been hired to lead.

    For almost 50 years, this test was the sole guide for Rotarians in their business lives. Then, in 1989, the Council on Legislation adopted The Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions.

    Over time and by tradition, Vocational Service has focused more and more on the ability and moral imperative of business people who practice ethical business standards to mentor youth in the ways of business and encourage them -- by example -- to seek ways to positively impact the communities in which they live, the states in which they reside, the country to which they give allegiance, and, in fact, the world through participation in Rotary-sponsored and Rotary-like activities and as Rotary members, as they mature into adulthood. Altadena Rotary divides its work with youth into two categories:
    • Youth Services -- which functions under the umbrella of Vocational Service -- and
    • New Generations Service -- which is an Avenue of Service in its own right.
          Youth Services - The area of Vocational service that deals with awards to high school students and the mentoring of these students into the ways of business is defined by the Youth Services subcommittee. more

    New Generations Service ...

    As explained earlier, New Generations Service was once part of Vocational Service. New Generations revolves around Rotary's committment to youth through the sponsorship of Interact Clubs for high school students and Rotaract Clubs for young adults age 18 to 35. more

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