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We have 6* Directors, 5 Officers, 5 Standing Committee Chairs and several Sub-Committee Chairs. Officers report to the Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs report to the President. In accordance with our By-laws, the President Elect serves at all three levels: director, officer, and chair.

Our Directors are nominated by an adhoc committee made up of the Immediate Past President, the President Elect and three (3) of the most recent Past Presidents still associated with the club and are approved by a vote of the members to serve two-year terms.

In a small club such as Altadena Rotary, any member may be called on to serve in more than one area. For more information, please read our Club Constitution and or By-laws, which are available in the Members Only portion of this website.

*7 if our immediate past president finished his/her 2-year term before taking office as president








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Including Four Subcommittees & their Chairs

Committee Info -- | Administration | Public Awareness | Membership | Foundation | Projects | -- Committee Info
Subommittee Info -- | Community | International | Youth | Vocational | -- Subcommittee Info
And More -- | Avenues of Service | Chairman's Planning Guide ( CPG | ) -- And More

Administration Chair

Sarah O'Brien, Pres - Elect
The primary responsibility of this chairmanship is -- with the assistance of the past presidents' committee -- to keep the club organization internally alive and well. The Administration Chair (our President Elect) and his/her committee oversee social events, setup for our weekly meetings, maintain the weekly speaker programs, and may preside over meetings when the president is not in attendance. ( More)

Public Awareness Chair

Jacque Foreman
This chairmanship/committee is in charge of communications. Publications, news releases, publicity of club activities, the publication of our weekly newsletter Sparks and public relations are a part of the responsibilities of this chairmanship/committee. Photographers and writers are from the club at large. We use Sparks to give members an opportunity to express their opinions openly in writing and to inform our membership about club activities. ( More )

Membership Chair

Frank Cunningham
Membership is the life blood of this or any organization. This chairmanship/committee is divided into four areas: 1) Membership Invitation is where we invite prospective Rotarians to lunch to give our club and our guest time to get to know one another. Membership 2) Development, 3) Retention, and 4) Attendance are also addressed here. ( More )

Foundation Chair

David Smith
The Rotary International Foundation is unique in many ways. For those who contribute to it, one of features that sets it apart from most other foundations and charities, is that 100 percent of the money donated to the Foundation is used for it's designated purpose. ( More )

Projects Chair

Mike Zoeller
The projects committee activities are the most visible evidence of Altadena Rotary's impact on others. Contained within this committee are four subcommittees that correspond to four of our five avenues of service: ( More )

Community • International • Youth Services • Vocational Service
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Community Chair

Doug Coliflower
To many Altadena Rotarians, the area of service that encompasses Community Service is the most important thing we do. This is because work in this area has an immediate, close, and visible impact.

Our current involvement includes:
• Adopting Schools
• Mini-Grants for Teachers
• Sponsoring Community Concerts ( More )

International Chair

David Smith

If you would capture men’s minds,
make no small plans…

With this thought in mind, it is the concrete goal of the Altadena Rotary International Committee To Eliminate World Poverty through the creation of jobs and job related skills for the impoverished, the destitute, the homeless, and the underprivileged of the world. . ( More )

Youth Services Chairs

Mike Zoeller & Tony Hill
Youth Services functions under the umbrella of Vocational Service and deals with awards to high school students and the mentoring of these students into the ways of business. This area of Vocational Service puts Altadena Rotarians in touch with students at all levels of education within our community. More

Vocational Service Chair

John Frykenberg
Vocational Service fills the need for Rotarians to reach out to young adults and high school students with the hope that involving them in Rotary-like activities will encourage them to become Rotarians in the future.( More )

Committee Info -- | Administration | Public Awareness | Membership | Foundation | Projects | -- Committee Info
Subommittee Info -- | Community | International | Youth | New Generations | -- Subcommittee Info
And More -- | Avenues of Service | Chairman's Planning Guide ( CPG | ) -- And More

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