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Thank you for your interest in Rotary. Rotary Club of Altadena operates in conjunction with Rotary International but operates autonomously. We are eager to hear from individuals interested in our mission and becoming enticed enough to join us at a noon luncheon every Thursday at the Altadena Town & Country Club. Our premise is that membership will constitute an accurate representation of the professional population within the community that we serve. Membership in the Rotary Club of Altadena requires available business or professional classification opportunities as well as an invitation and sponsorship by a member of the club. Please provide us with the requested information below so that we have an opportunity to invite you to one of our meetings.

The rotating photographs show Altadena Rotary in action in our community. Our Rotary Centennial Project was to replace the lower playground at Burbank Elementary in Altadena. This project was divided into five parts:

  • Removing old Playground Equipment.
  • Removing the old sand fill
  • Framing
  • Install fabric liner
  • Put in new chip fill
    With the help of Boy Scout Troop 4, we put flags down Lake Avenue on three (possibly four) days during the year:
  • July 4
  • Memorial Day
  • Veterans' Day
  • and possibly on Flag Day
    We hold Bike Safety Days and every year we put on a pancake breakfast to raise funds for a local charity, and we sponsor summer concerts in Farnsworth Park.

    Our motto is Sevice Above Self

    Any comments are appreciated.

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